Friday, March 1, 2013

Let Me Work

You just arm yourself with strong will and you just sit down in the office chair, ready to take profit of your time doing some important work you should do or studying something really relevant, but something distracts that small device you have near you, someone speaking through an instante messaging program, or you just receive and email, even someone could call you...all that concentration crumbling up on every minute. No problem, download Let Me Work, and let yourself to have a really work time.

An Android application

Let Me Work is a free Android application which runs a count-down timer and activates Android's airplane mode automatically. You set a specific time, and when you push start the count-down begins and airplane mode is enabled untill the timer finishes; or untill you stop it. Also you can have a pause and recover the coverage. Let Me Work also can function without having to activate airplane mode, as a simple count-down app.

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